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Apr 20 / Gemma Insinna

Two Points of View for the Same Subject

Michael’s Sunny Stilllife

Cappi’s Afternoon Stillife

This is just an interesting observation that I have had the opportunity
to observe, with my parent’s art;
Michael and Cappi Insinna, 2 artists, who happen to be my parents,
happened upon the same still life, (with my old Easter hat) which had been
set up for my mother’s art students, as a practice subject.
This was sometime in the 1960’s I think.
It had been set up for awhile, as the students continued their work over
several weeks, because the classes met twice weekly.
My mother did her painting most likely in the afternoon, after class and
a less busy time frame for her.
My father, Michael, most likely got to it with the saturday or sunday
morning sun streaming in upon it, and did a whole other take on color and
Cappi’s is more somber and more realisticly figurative, while Michael’s
is bright and sketchy.
They certainly reflect the two different times of day, but also the
probable moods and state of mind of each painter, as every painting ever
done always does reflect.
I thought it was nice to be able to see such different approaches to the
same subject, and wanted to share this with you…
the paintings are both together in a private collection, which is
something I am very happy about. I like the idea that they started out so
long ago together, and are still so!
Thanks for reading this,
for more on Cappi’s and Michaels work, please contact me
All the best,

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One comment on “Two Points of View for the Same Subject

  1. WOW! I have spent some time looking through the Squidoo sites about you, your Mom, and your Dad – absolutely fascinating! All the art (incredible) the stories (intriguing) and how your life in the country is now – how cool is that!

    So amazing to get such a well-rounded story about who you are and what your life and history is made up of.

    I will look forward to visiting these sites again when I have more time. Thanks so much for letting me know about these links!


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